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marketing your artBelieve it or not, you don’t want to be like Vincent Van Gogh. This renowned artist only sold one painting during his lifetime. His real fame came post-mortem.

If you don’t intend waiting around for a similar fate, it’s time to start marketing your art using the best tools you have today.

Here’s how social media can help to make you famous in your lifetime.

Social Media Keeps You Informed

Social Media is the town crier of the modern world but on a much larger scale. People go there to stay up to date with what’s going on around them, near and far.

Social media can also reveal what kind of people are likely to appreciate your art, by indirectly revealing potential customers and fans.

Trawling through social media will give you an idea of the latest trends in art and design. It’s an easy way to gauge what people ‘like’ and to read about how they respond to other artworks and artists.

Marketing Your Art

When you meet someone new, the first place you look to find out more about them is social media, right?

Your potential customers will wonder why you aren’t on social media if they can’t find you there. It’s a personal, free, and effective way to interact with customers from anywhere at any time.

Thanks to mobile apps, you can respond instantly to customer messages and requests, which makes you look super efficient, helpful and friendly. They will form the same impression of your business.

Everyone on social media has many followers, friends, and friends of friends. This gives your marketing efforts an almost unlimited reach for the price of a little data.

Although social media is certainly cost-effective, it takes time and perseverance to make an impact.

The hardest part is not giving up. Work out your marketing plan, or get someone to help you do it, and stick it out.

You’ll find awesome tips on how to market artwork and how to get your art noticed online, right here.

Networking Benefits

It is thanks to these connections that your fame can spread far and wide.

You can also make friends and influence people in the art world by interacting with them on social networks. If it works for online dating, it can work for you.

As an aspiring artist, you can get your name out there by posting on art forums and pages. Be discreet, blatant marketing pitches are distasteful and irritating to social media users.

There could be 2.77 billion social media users worldwide by 2019. Do you want to miss out on this vast audience?

Move With the Times

Don’t get left behind. If you’re not active on Social Media you might as well not exist these days.

If you need assistance or inspiration for marketing your art on Facebook or any of the other social media channels, get someone on your side who understands the art of social media marketing.