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If only artists could go back to the days of taking commissions from generous benefactors, we wouldn’t have to worry about money. Unfortunately, that’s not a realistic possibility for most of us, so we have to look for other ways to make a living from our art.

Social media is a crucial piece of this puzzle. It’s the way our world is connected, and various social media platforms offer unique opportunities to connect with and get your art out to your audience. Social media management has grown as a strategy for navigating all of these different platforms.

What is social media management? How can it benefit your artistic practice, help you find and keep an audience, and support your artistic livelihood?

That’s just what we’ll tell you below. Keep reading to find out.

Social Media Management Definition of Terms

Before we begin, let’s get on the same page by defining what we mean by social media management. For our purposes, this is any service that creates a unified plan of attack when it comes to your social media.

This may look quite different for each individual artist. One person may focus on Instagram alone. Another may require the coordination of their Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

A good social media management company works to create original and engaging content on these platforms. Then, they spread that content to your audience with an editorial calendar of posts based on which platforms you want to hit and how often.

What Is Social Media Management Good For? Absolutely Everything, Say It Again!

One of the great strengths of social media management is branding. Through strong messaging, your media management team can highlight the aspects of your art that best represent what you’re about. Pretty soon, you build new business because the message spreads to the world that this is who you are, this is what you do, and you’re the only one who can do it.

Social media management also builds a community, which is an essential part of being an artist in the 21st century. When your fans have each other to build excitement, create connections, and receive support, they will look to you as the focal point of their community. Your art becomes a rallying cry.

Less Time Managing Is More Time Creating

With a high-quality social media management team on your side, you’ll spend less time worrying about the business side of your art and more time making your art.

Ideally, this will take your creative practice to new heights that make your management team’s job all the easier. And you’ll make more money as your learn to value your work appropriately.

Explore our services for artists and creatives to find out more about what is social media management and how it can benefit you.