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selling art on instagram

Vogue Magazine said it best.

Instagram truly is the world’s most talked about new art dealer.

And for good reason. Indeed, 79% of art collectors aged under 35 use Instagram to find new artists.

Clearly, this is a social media platform with serious potential for artists hoping to sell their work. However, it can be a bit of a mystery for anyone just getting started. How can you, as an artist, get your work in front of potential buyers to become successful on this platform?

Let us help.

Keep reading for 5 top tips for selling art on Instagram.

5 Essential Tips for Selling Art on Instagram

Social media offers artists an amazing opportunity to promote and sell their work. Instagram is one platform in particular that can help.

Check out these 5 tips on how to use it to sell your art.

1. Regularly Post Great Content

The first step to selling your art is posting great content on a consistent, regular basis.

Of course, that means you need to be producing artwork regularly too. But we’re presuming that goes without saying!

Post pictures of your artwork. Post pictures of your life. This is more than a gallery- it’s your brand. Let people get to know you too. Post frequently to help build and maintain your following.

2. Build a Following

Having a following on Instagram is essential to your success on it.

Without a following, people won’t see your work on the platform. You need to get building.

This can be a laborious process initially. But it’ll snowball as you grow. Master the use of hashtags to draw eyes to your work (think #art, or #instaartwork, etcetera). Start posting frequently, and liking, following and interacting with other Insta users.

3. Interact with Potential Customers

You don’t need a million people to buy your artwork.

Having a small, core, and consistent set of super fans will often suffice. It’s your job to find them on Instagram and amongst your followers.

Think about who your ideal customer would be and find out where they hang out on Instagram. Find art curators, dealers, celebrities and so on. Then follow and interact with them!

4. Run Competitions and Giveaways

Try running giveaways, competitions and prize-draws through Instagram.

These are a great way of building your following quickly and gaining swift exposure.

Offer your artwork for free, or at a heavily discounted rate, in exchange for a follow, share, like, and so on. Once they’re ‘through the door’ in this way, it’ll be far easier to make future sales.

5. Treat Your Instagram Like a Business

Treat your Instagram seriously.

This is your brand. It offers a major opportunity to gain exposure as an artist. You can make serious money if you go about this the right way. Some artists sell their work within seconds of posting. You want to get in on that!

Be consistent, be patient, educate yourself on how to be successful, and don’t give up.

Time to Get Selling

There you have it: 5 tips for selling art on Instagram.

Instagram has become a major opportunity for artists around the world. The visual nature of the platform lends itself perfectly to the endeavors of aspiring artists. For no cost at all, you can get your work in front of thousands of eyes.

Over time you can begin to sell your work to the following you build. With a solid Insta strategy, treated as a serious business opportunity, you will be selling your art in no time.

Are you an artist looking for help with your social media marketing? Be sure to contact us today for how we can help.