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One thing any artist looking for greater exposure will tell you, is that awareness is all important. You could be the modern day Picasso, but if no one ever sees your work, it will count for nought.

The mistake that many artists make is assuming that simply having a great looking website, resplendent with all of their work is enough to get themselves noticed.

With that kind of mindset, it’s easy to see why so many people start to doubt either the quality of their work or the efficacy of their website. The truth is that a site with no visitors is basically a glorified portfolio or business card. So, exactly how do you go about creating a sales funnel to your website?

We take a look into that now…

What Represents Success?

The first thing to make clear is what represents success, so that you know success when you achieve it. Your average e-commerce website is doing well if it achieves a 2-3% conversion rate of its site visitors, meaning that out of every 100 visitors, you’ll get 2 or possibly 3 sales. Art is known to be a particularly difficult sector in which to get sales, so a target of 1-2% is more likely.

So, with this in mind, it’s all a matter of volume and getting as many visitors to your site, rather than trying to buck the industry trend.

Driving People to Your Website

So, if it’s going to be a pure numbers game, what measures can you employ to increase your site traffic?

Well, you could:

Use Paid Facebook (FB) Advertising

An expensive, but effective advertising platform could be employed. However, the cost involved could make it prohibitive, especially when you consider the conversion rate we spoke about earlier. Each time someone clicks on your advert, you pay, but as FB advertising can be heavily tailored to your target audience, it might be a viable option.

Display Your Work on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

Social media is another wonderful tool, and as a picture paints a thousand words, your artwork could catch someone’s eye and lead to a sale. FB competitions can also be extremely useful, especially when registering email addresses are a requirement of entry.

The details captured can be instantly used after the competition, to email those people a discount offer. This may only achieve just one sale, but many more are likely to look at your website by following the call to action in your message. What’s more is that they will part of your growing email list, which is a vital resource to cultivate.

Persistence Is Key

The more you get yourself out into the public, the more chance you’ll get to spread the word about your artwork. Build your email contact list and keep your interested public aware of what you’re up to and the visitors and sales will come. If you get 1,000 people to your website, you could be looking at as many as 10-20 sales and each time that happens, shout about it across social media.

However, if you’re getting lots of traffic and not getting anywhere near 1-2% penetration, then it could either be your website or the work you’re producing. What you shouldn’t do is make this assumption before you’ve had people visiting your site, which unfortunately is what many artists do.

Thanks for reading this post and if you’d like to know more about this or how you can get the management of your social media platforms taken off your plate so you can concentrate on delivering to your own customers, click here to see our plans.

We look forward to helping you really getting your social media profiles turning interest into dollars!