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There are over 60 million Facebook business pages online. The chance of someone finding yours is slim . . . or is it? 

Tired of feeling like your Facebook artist page is a needle in a very colorful and artsy haystack? If so, follow our six tips to create a page any art lover would die for. 

With a splash of color here and the right tagline there, you’ll have buyers contacting you in no time. 

1. Make a Unique Home Page

Your home page should say everything about you as an artist at a glance. 

Most artists showcase a photo of themselves working or a high-quality image of their masterpieces. Both are excellent ways to gather attention. 

However, consider the photo itself as a piece of art. Contemplate adding something unique to the image or ways to capture your personality in it. 

2. Create a Gallery

Create a gallery of your work. Think of your Facebook artist page as a virtual tour where you share information about yourself and your art. 

To do this, contemplate dividing your art into categories and placing them in albums. Add to the albums regularly. 

This process makes it easier for individuals to find your work. 

3. Give Fresh Content

Sure, most people are there for your art. That means you should post art, but also consider posting content about art. 

By doing so, you:

  • Showcase your talent
  • Demonstrate prowess in the field
  • Stay up to date on any developments in the art world

To help your page get the views it deserves, consider researching trending keyword searches. Use Google Trends to see what keywords and phrases people type into search bars. 

Keep posts engaging and unique.

4. Post Frequently

It’s recommended individuals wishing to extend their reach should post to Facebook once a day, but other companies claim three times a week is sufficient. 

Include photos in your posts (or your artwork) to grab attention, as photos and videos increase the number of views you’ll get. 

However, don’t overpost. Doing so damages your reputation. 

5. Network

Don’t forget Facebook’s purpose: to network and connect to others. Use it to your advantage. 

You’ll find most of your followers initially will be artists or individuals who share a passion for the industry. This isn’t a bad thing. It helps increase awareness of your work and gets your name out there. 

Eventually, networking pays off. More artists become familiar with you and your brand, and word spreads to buyers. 

6. Connect With Your Audience

Similar to networking, it’s important to connect with your audience. Encourage interaction through your posts. 

Ask questions, request fellow artists to post their works and hold discussions about varying art types. In this way, you establish a repertoire with your readers and viewers. 

Make a Facebook Artist Page Everyone Admires

You don’t have to feel like a needle in a haystack as long as you put effort into your Facebook artist page. But sometimes the endeavor might seem overwhelming. 

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Share your talent with the world.