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social media marketing campaign

Are you an artist looking to increase sales by gaining a social media following?

To do so, you need to be ready to deliver high-quality content with intriguing captions. Then, you need to have the time to engage with your audience.

Maintaining social media accounts and building a loyal following is a lot of work. It takes up a lot of valuable time. You spend more time expanding your following and less time creating!

Today, 90% of brands use social media to market their products. So, this is why you need a professional to spearhead your social media marketing campaign.

5 Ways a Professional Enhances Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

As consumers look for ways to connect with creatives online, artists need social media managers to grow their online presence.

By the end of this article, you understand how hiring a professional social media manager relates to your bottom line.

1. Superior Writing and Editing Skills

Words matter. An engaging copywriting style is essential for artists who want to seem relatable to their customer base. 

Good captions can increase your following, boost engagement, and extend your reach.

A distinct writing style can grow your fanbase. It’s helpful to have a professional on board who knows exactly what to write to engage a specific audience.

2. Generating Fresh Content

In today’s world, your content has to be fresh to be relevant. Social media professionals help you stay ahead of your competition by providing new, relevant content on a daily basis. 

Social media managers research industries to stay on top of trends. This helps them tailor a media strategy that works best for your brand. They can then create stimulating posts that relate to what your customers want.

As an artist, you should focus on your work and let the professionals engage with your clientele to drive sales.

3. Expanding Your Community

There are certain social media engagement strategies that help artists gain recognition. Social media professionals are familiar with these strategies and know how to include them in your marketing plan.

A social media engagement strategy will help create a community that supports you. They will advertise for you through community discussion. This is word-of-mouth advertising at its finest.

4. A Wealth of Knowledge

With so many platforms, there is no one-size-fits-all social media engagement strategy.

Each platform has rules and best practices that brands have to follow. A professional is familiar with these practices, so you don’t have to waste time deciding what works best on which platform.

How your business is promoted on Instagram should be different than how it is marketed on LinkedIn. This is because the platforms (and clientele) are totally different.

5. Determine Your Goals

If you’re not familiar with social media strategy, how do you know that what you’re doing is effective?

An effective social media strategy requires you to set goals and develop a plan to reach them. Professionals will help you understand social media platforms and how they work. They will work with you to identify goals that make the most sense for your business.

Build Your Business

The power of social media could give you “the big break” as an artist, as more people are beginning to buy art online.

37% of consumers are finding purchase inspiration via social networks and most artists aren’t capitalizing on this opportunity.

Let us take care of your social media efforts so you can focus on doing what you’re meant to do – create! Contact us today to discuss how a planned social media marketing campaign can sell your artwork.