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Why Opt For Facebook Advertising?

Target The Right Customers

Reach out to the right audience. Find the niche customer segment through a powerful audience targeting medium.

Connect at the Right Moment

With over 1 billion users on Facebook, it’s no wonder that mobile-ready advertising connects you without any limits.

Share The Right Story

Bring out powerful narratives that interest your clients, ranging from carousels to canvas ads, videos to catchy text and compelling images.

What’s Your Plan?

Just Starting Out

If you’re a new business or startup, you may choose to run a few ads, strike the right chord with viewers through powerful campaigns and gain positive ROI.

Building on a Booming Growth Story

For businesses using Facebook Advertising at an advanced stage, optimization, leveraging digital technologies to put together campaigns that yield maximum results is the way ahead. Build on rapid growth and script your very own advertising success story.

On the Path to Growth

Advertising on Facebook, and managing your daily interactions is a focus of any growing business. Get access to industry’s standard and best practices and an outstanding ROI, not just a healthy one. Increase your reach and grow your business.

Why is Everyone Opting for Advertising

Expert Social Media Professionals

Want to fuel your business with Facebook ads or seize growth opportunities with Snapchat? Perhaps you are looking to tap instant returns on Instagram? Meet our social media strategists and experts skilled at harnessing social media for business success.

Multiply ROI

ROI-focused results for every paid social campaigns you put together are at the heart of agile businesses. Don’t settle for status quo; disrupt it with ROI-focused growth.

Monthly Contracts

Dissatisfied with our strategists and social media teams? You don’t need to put up with lengthy contracts. Just terminate the contract, which is renewed from month to month. Let our team earn your appreciation every month!

We are your Social Media Advertising Dream Team

Your team here at 72&Social.com comprises a complete team: the account manager, copywriter, designer, video editor, and analyst.

Account managers handle every aspect of Facebook advertising from leading teams, to targeting the right niche, crafting ads and evaluating advertising success. Our account managers are your first and leading point of contact for Facebook ads.
Our graphic designers have what it takes to delight viewers and wow clients using the power of creative image ads, canvas ads or carousels that captive audience.
Creating a persuasive copy that will connect, attract and engage exemplifies the art of creating conversation, not merely join it. Our copywriters are masters at creating stories your audience can relate to. These expert wordsmiths weave magic with well-chosen tag lines and social media messages.
In today’s advertising space, video is king. Connect with skilled video editors who create compelling videos to tell your story the way it was meant to be.
Our skilled professional analysts with a talent for balancing facts and figures will sift through mounds of data to zero in on what works and what doesn’t — making your campaign effective.

We Manage Your Account For Real Results – Here’s How

Your Ad Spend

Budget your spending and optimize finances for profits and ROI that multiply exponentially.

Building a Ready Audience

Customize your contact list by adding consumers with the right preferences, demographics, and purchasing power. Exclude who don’t make the cut and add to your business growth.

Generate Dynamic Product Ads

Viewer preferences can shape who gets to see your ads. We target clients who will like, share, comment, and purchase your product.

Messenger Bots

Create powerful custom chat experiences for clients on Messenger.


The most common remarketing tactic is targeting relevant ads at people who have already visited your website. We can include those visitors as a target audience in a Facebook ad campaign.

Install and Track Pixel Functionality

Pixel implementation is crucial and we understand this. Now, install and track pixels to see if all is well on Facebook, and you rule the social media waves.

Comprehensive Reporting

We monitor, track, audit, and submit reports regularly so clients know all the answers.

Sophisticated Technology

Advanced ad technologies are simplified. We focus on harnessing complex technologies for positive outcomes.

Affordable Facebook Ad Management. Discover What We Can Do For You.


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