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If you’re someone who has products to sell or paid services to offer, then advertising on Facebook is a great way for you to gain exposure. However, there is some confusion out there, as to what exactly constitutes a Facebook Ad and what types exist. When someone discusses Facebook advertising, they are usually referring to one specific type, but did you know that there are various different ways to advertise, each with its own specific purpose?

Well, for those who didn’t, we’re now going to run through those available and what it is they’re used for.

Click Ads

The type of advertisement you’d find on Facebook that most people think of first is the Click Ad, which is a simple, but effective way to drive traffic to your blog, website or landing page. It may not necessarily guide the person who clicks the add to a purchase page, as they are also used for a range of lead generation purposes. Your advertisement takes the form of a small, still picture, which itself carries some kind of enticing statement of what’s on offer.

The benefit of this type of Ad is that it can be placed in a variety of different prominent ad spaces on a Facebook page and it is able to be tailored to reach the most appropriate target audience, thanks to a clever Facebook Algorithm.

Video Ads

The video Ad is a moving version of the click Ad, with a video in place of the still image we just mentioned. The suitability of choosing this method over the still option will depend largely on the product or service you’re trying to sell.

Boosted Posts

Another type of marketing used on Facebook is the ‘Boosted Post’, which provides an amplification of the reach of your post. This type of marketing carries the added benefit of offering more space to work with and will look very much like any other post, with the exception that it will have a ‘sponsored’ mark at the top of the advertisement.

Carousel Ads

If you’ve got more than one call to action to advertise or multiple products to offer, then carousel ads are perfect for your needs, as they allow for up to 10 pictures, videos or links to be included in an advertisement that scrolls round periodically.

Dynamic Product Ads

This is where it gets clever, as dynamic product ads are able to automatically advertise what it feels is the most appropriate product from your catalogue to the individual you are advertising to. All you have to do is load up as many items as you have in your catalogue to Facebook’s dynamic application and the software does the rest!

Lead, Collection and Page Like Ads

There are still more types of advertisements that can be used for many purposes, such as the appropriately named Data Collection Ads, Lead Ads and Page Like Ads, which all give you a hint as to what they’re job is to create. Each has its own specific use and it becomes clear why choosing the right one for you is as important as what’s in the advertisement itself.

So, when thinking about advertising on Facebook, remember there’s quite a lot of choice, but with a bit of expert guidance and a good strategy, great results can be achieved.

Thanks for reading and we hope that this post has gone some small way to demystifying advertising on Facebook and what it can do for you and your business.

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