We Care As Much About Your Business As You Do.

Here at 72andSocial it is our job to support you and your business and to help increase the connection between you and your followers and/or clients.

  • Are you worried that your marketing doesn’t reach enough people?
  • Do you feel anxious that you don’t have the time to connect with your followers?
  • Does the idea of social media have you confused?
  • Does the idea of social media leave you cold?
  • Do you wonder if it’s easy for people to find you?
  • Do you want to make every penny of your budget count?
  • And, most importantly, would you rather spend your time doing what you do best?

We know you’re an expert at what you do and that your business means the world to you. Here at 72andSocial we match that with the personal, specialist and professional service your business deserves.

What Drives Us?

Time and time again we saw small businesses trying to move forward, trying to make their break-through but stumbling over the same hurdle. That hurdle was social media.

People know they should use Facebook and Twitter but often they aren’t sure how to. We kept seeing the same questions: Do I have to hire a huge marketing agency to get this right? How do people make their daily posts so interesting? Where do they find time? Where do I even start? Can I give up on it yet? That’s when we realised we could help.

We believe that small businesses deserve the same care, attention and quality of marketing as big marketing firms can offer, but at a better price and in a way that is more relevant to them. Small businesses are special and we strive to provide personalised and targeted marketing that highlights what makes your business the best.

In a nutshell:  72andSocial was created for you.

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How it Works

Ready to jump on board? Here is what you have to do.

01. Sign Up

Sign up with us: Click that big Orange colored button in the top menu and sign up in just 2 minutes.

02. Insight

Tell us about yourself: We want to know about your business so that we can create the posts accordingly. A small Q&A will take a couple of minutes.

03. Engage

Engage: We will log into your social media account and engage your customer. Meanwhile, you can sit back and relax.