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marketing helpNever before have talented visual artists had the tools to share their work like they can now.

Social media has made it much easier to grow your brand as an artist. But with so much clutter, social media marketing can still be a great challenge.

Do you need social media marketing help? Here are a few signs you might.

You Aren’t Getting New Followers

It often seems like an artist is only as good as the number of followers on their social media pages.

This is certainly far from true. But what is true is that it’s a lot easier to earn a living as an artist with more followers.

More followers mean more people are checking out your work. The more people that like your work and follow your progress, the more likely you are to find people willing to pay for what you make.

Earning new followers is one of the biggest challenges in digital marketing. Don’t hesitate to turn to expert help.

Your Followers Aren’t Engaging

What if you have a solid number of followers, but they aren’t liking, sharing, or commenting?

A large but inactive follower base can be worse than a smaller, active group.

Are you sharing content that stimulates your audience? Are you posting at the right time of day? A social media manager can help identify what you can do better.

Your Social Pages Are Dormant

Setting up social media pages for your art is only half the battle.

The best way to find success on social media is to be consistent with content. If you aren’t posting a status update or sending a tweet frequently, you won’t see any increase in followers or engagement.

Consistency helps you stay present in your online community and helps establish yourself as a familiar face in someone’s timeline. Consistent posting will also earn you better marks in the eyes of the algorithms used by social networks.

According to one study, you should aim for:

  • 1 post per day on Facebook
  • 15 tweets per day on Twitter
  • 1-2 posts per day on Instagram
  • 11 Pins per day in Pinterest

While you don’t always need to meet those exact numbers, it illustrates the point that posting consistency helps you out.

If you can’t keep your pages active enough, it might be time to call in some social media marketing help.

You Aren’t Selling Your Work

At the end of the day, an artist’s social media pages are supposed to help them get their name out there and make some money.

Showing off your work can help you sell your creations. It can also help benefactors find you to donate or to commission a new project.

Looking strictly at the bottom line, a lack of sales likely means you could be doing a better job on social media.

You Don’t Like Social Media

Let’s face it. Social media isn’t for everyone.

Especially for artists, who often have a close attachment to their work, social media can be brutal. Critics can hide anonymously behind their computer or phone and spew hate to bring you down.

It’s perfectly understandable to want to back away from social media. However, social media remains a critical tool for sharing your work and bringing in new clients and commissioned work.

Don’t be afraid to outsource the social media work if you simply have no interest in doing it yourself.

Get Marketing Help Today

Bringing in some experienced digital professionals to help grow your artist brand can make a huge difference in your followers, engagement, and sales.

If you need social marketing help, take a look at our different consultation and management packages.