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Do you want to become a social media artist?

If you’re struggling with social media or overwhelmed with where to start, it’s a good time to address your strategy. Social media is an important tool for artists to leverage. Platforms are typically free to use and give you access to billions of users from all around the world. With social media, you’ll be able to show off your hard work to people who never would have seen it otherwise.

How to Become a Social Media Artist

Social media is a crowded space, so it takes some work to use it effectively. If you’re just getting started on social media, here are some common social media artist mistakes you should never make:

1. You Think You Don’t Have Time

Artists are busy and social media can take up a lot of time. But that doesn’t mean you should slack on it, or not use social media at all.

Try carving out an hour or less of your day and dedicate it to social media management. Use this time to post, check your analytics and engage with your followers. You can also try using a tool to schedule posts ahead of time, such as HootSuite.

2. You Don’t Engage Users

Social media isn’t a one-way street. It’s not enough to throw a post up and forget about it. It’s crucial that you engage users, like their images, comment on their posts and even follow other artists. Collaboration is key when it comes to being a social media artist.

3. You Don’t Know What to Post

There’s not a perfect social media strategy, and what works for one social media artist might not be sufficient for the other. This can be frustrating and might leave you wondering what to post.

There are some general rules for posting on social media. Always using high-quality images, for example, is crucial. If you’re struggling with captions, just keep things simple. There’s no need to write a novel, and people likely won’t read long captions as they’re scrolling quickly through their feeds.

4. You Use the Wrong Platforms

There are tons of different social media platforms out there. Which ones should you be using?

Instagram is a great place to start because it’s all about visuals. However, you can’t use direct links to your products, so it’s not the best at converting people into customers.

To do that you should focus on another channel, such as Facebook or Pinterest.

5. You Think You Don’t See Results

The key to social media is patience. You won’t see a return on your investment for a while, because building a faithful following takes time and consistency. Don’t give up on your social profiles because you don’t see a result in a week, a month or even a year. Keep posting and following best practices and the results will follow.

Want to Learn More?

You’re not going to become a famous social media artist overnight. It takes time, trial and error and a lot of research. Check out the rest of our blog to learn more tips on how to gain a social media following as an artist.